Accent Wellnessour quality

At Accent Wellness, we prioritize patient safety by providing compounded preparations of the highest quality. We are also proud of our quality record. We routinely select random samples of our preparations and subject them to a variety of testing procedures. Not only do we perform tests at the pharmacy, we regularly send samples to certified laboratories to evaluate our own results. Our commitment towards excellence is reflected by the following:-

  1. The use of pharmaceutical grade raw materials
    All active ingredients and excipients used for compounding must comply with USP (US Pharmacopeia) or BP (British Pharmacopeia) standards.
  2. Purchase of raw materials from reliable suppliers
    All chemicals are sourced from suppliers which are registered with FDA and GMP certified manufacturers.
  3. The use of modern proprietary lab equipment
    Sophisticated lab equipment such as the electronic mortar and pestle and ointment mill are used to achieve consistent results in the finished products.
  4. Handling by professionally trained staff
    Every step of the compounding process; verification of prescription; compounding and dispensing is carefully monitored by a licensed pharmacist.

Why is it important to choose a PCCA Pharmacy?

Accent Wellness is the only pharmacy domiciled in Malaysia that is a PCCA member, which strengthens the role and skills of compounding pharmacists to meet unique needs of patients through quality service, education, and processes.

Reliable Products

PCCA offers member pharmacies the most extensive product line in the industry. Their more than 7,000 products and 14,000 SKUs include proprietary bases, flavors, and more than 4,560 chemicals that exceed industry standards for quality and purity. Accent Wellness references and compounds based on active proprietary formulas that have been pre-tested using PCCA chemicals that are also continually reviewed and updated.

Highest Quality

From the moment a chemical arrives at PCCA to the time it ships to Accent Wellness, it is monitored by PCCA Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel. Fourteen checks and analyses are performed on each chemical lot as it comes in and as it is repacked. If the product is compromised in any way, it fails the inspection and is immediately rejected.

At Accent Wellness, we will not compromise on quality because patients’ lives depend on it.

We use industry leading practices to meet your needs. When choosing a compounding pharmacy you want to feel confident that you will receive the highest quality compounded products and unparalleled patient care – Standard Operating Procedures should be in place, and stability studies should be considered when compounding. Our commitment is to provide a level of service that delivers safe compounded products consistently which patients and physicians can depend upon. Within our efforts to better serve our valued customers, we will continue to explore different protocols to engrave quality into our workflow process and services. So, do look forward to more positive developments in this space.