For Consumerfaq

Q01What is a compounding pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy prepares customized medication to meet a patient’s individualized needs.

Q02Can all doctors prescribe compounded medication?

Appropriately licensed and practising physicians who are medically trained can prescribe compounded medication. For optimum results, make an appointment for a consultation from our list of highly qualified panel doctors.

Q03What kind of prescriptions can be compounded?

Almost any kind of prescription can be compounded so long as it is not patented by a pharmaceutical company. For many patients requiring unique dosages and/or delivery devices which can take the form of solutions, suppositories, sprays, rinses or lollipops these alternatives can be significantly life-altering. Compounded applications include: hormone replacement, veterinary, paediatric, ophthalmic, dental and dermatology, chronic pain management, sports medicine, infertility, wound therapy and so much more.

Q04Are compounded prescriptions more costly than other medications?

Compounded medication may or may not cost more than conventional medications. In most cases, the compounded medication can cost less than conventional mass marketed medication in instances where small doses are compounded or ingredient costs are low.

Q05What is the turnaround time to receive my prescriptions?

Most prescriptions can be filled within 1-2 days. However some medications take more time to compound and if we have to contact your health care provider or if an ingredient needs to be ordered it could delay processing your prescription by a couple of days.

Q06How do I order a compound?

Prescriptions can be called in, mailed, faxed or electronically sent straight to the pharmacy from your doctor’s office. Prescriptions can also be brought in directly to Accent Wellness Compounding Pharmacy.

Q07Where do you get the active ingredients that are used for compounding?

The ingredients come from a TGA and/or FDA licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler and are all pharmaceutically registered materials. We are then provided with a certificate of analysis for each ingredient so that we are assured of the purity of the ingredient.

Q08What is the expiry date of my compounded prescription?

There are two types of expiry dates that relate to your compounded prescription:

  1. The Prescription Expiry:  the prescription is only valid for 12 months unless it is a prescription for an anabolic steroid (DHEA, testosterone are examples) or a drug of addiction (eg. Morphine, amphetamine, ketamine) which is only valid for SIX months.
  2. The Product Expiry:  this is the expiry date of the actual compounded product. We use the APF or USP guidelines to determine the expiry date. The product expiry date depends on the expiry date of each of the ingredients, the stability of the formulation and whether or not a preservative is used. We apply a product expiry to each compound.
Q09What are bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are (usually plant-based) hormone substances that are identical in structure and chemical composition to the hormones your body produces naturally.

Q10Are bio-identical hormones safer than synthetics?

European medical studies suggest that bio-identical hormones are safer than synthetic versions. But we must be cautious here, because they have not been well studied, especially for long-term use. And in any case, we recommend that people never think of any drug as completely safe.

Q11Is BHRT right for me?

Take for example: A woman’s hormonal balance is ideally in a dynamic equilibrium that shifts from day to day, week to week, and through the years. Customized hormones can be adapted to fit a woman’s individual needs. Hormone therapy can assist in alleviating symptoms and balancing hormone levels. Compounded hormones can be made in a wide variety of dosage forms and strengths. These delivery systems include capsules, creams, gels, suppositories, and sublingual lozenges.

When you give your body the support it needs, it can effectively reset itself, because it is equipped and programmed for balance and wellness. So we recommend beginning with the gentlest form of support possible to allay your discomfort and tweaking it as you go. We will support you in any way we can, each step of the way. The good news is that women, and men alike, can feel incredibly well right through menopause and andropause respectively.

Q12How do I find a doctor who will prescribe bio-identical hormones?

We will be more than happy to provide you with a practitioner referral and answer any questions you may have. Kindly fill up the Enquiry form on the Contact Us page (or click here), to request information or schedule a Hormone Consult.

Q13Should my hormone levels be tested to see exactly what I need to take?

Yes, in most cases a blood test is required. However it also depends on your health care provider – some will take blood levels, others will do salivary levels and some like to treat based on symptoms. There is really no right nor wrong answer.