for consumerCompounding for You

Compounding is a professional prerogative that pharmacists have performed since the beginning of the profession. The heritage of pharmacy, spanning some 5000 years, has centred on providing pharmaceutical products for patients. Pharmacists are the only health professionals who possess the knowledge and skills required to compound and prepare medications to meet the unique needs of patients.

How Can Compounding Benefit Me?

The benefits of compounded medication include for example :-

  • More flexibility e.g. in terms of dosage strength, and route of administration;
  • Avoidance of dyes, fillers and preservatives;
  • Palatable medications (especially liquids);
  • Combination of sustained release therapy to improve compliance;
  • Avoidance of sensitivity to the commercially available strengths of medications;
  • Pre-tested and constantly monitored
  • Cost-effective therapy

Children are especially suited for custom compounded prescriptions as commercially manufactured drug forms are often not easy for children to take. Dozens of flavors are available to compounding pharmacists who can enhance the taste and color of medication. A compounding pharmacist can also make medicine in a more easily taken or administered dosage form for children who have a difficult time swallowing capsules or tablets.

The benefits of compounding provides endless possibilities. At Accent Wellness, we incorporate the art form of pharmacy improved over time with modern science and technology to create a contemporary environment which is conducive not only to solving therapeutic problems but also bridging the gaps between doctor, pharmacist and the patient – working together to produce solutions that work best for you. Unique solutions  for total wellness.