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In every field of medicine, there are myriads of potential patient problem examples such as sensitivity or allergy to certain ingredients, or not being able to respond to traditional methods of treatment. Most mass-produced medications have limited strengths and dosage forms which do not meet the needs of all patients. Other medications are discontinued by the manufacturer for various reasons. Compounding pharmaceuticals fills a genuine need in overcoming these obstacles and allows the doctor to adjust dosages to meet the particular needs of the individual patient.

The goal of compounding is getting the medication into the patient with ease and accuracy. Our formulations cover numerous medication dosing problems, often enabling us to customize a medication to improve results and compliance where a commercially available medication did not.

Veterinarians for example will often face the problem of having to cut pills because they are manufactured as one large pill size with the “average-size” dog in mind. More often than not, these pill pieces are not going to be exactly equal in size. How often do owners complain that their cats have started foaming in the mouth because of the bitter pills that you’ve prescribed and they aren’t sure how much it actually received because some of it got spat out? Wouldn’t you love a transdermal option for some drugs that are required for the animals that need treatment for chronic conditions? Owner compliance is the number one reason why pets do not receive the treatment necessary to obtain optimal animal health. By increasing owner compliance, it will allow for better treatment outcomes for these animals.

With a valid written prescription a compounding pharmacist can and often address many patient dosing problems by customizing a medication to meet a specific need.

When considering difficult solutions in medicine, please remember that Accent Wellness can offer customized services and is dedicated in assisting you, the practitioner. Through our panel of international experts, we are able to provide a valued network of experience in compounding for BHRT, pain management, and dermatology. We invite you to open a discussion or perhaps even for a more detailed synopsis on how compounding medicines can support and even aid your patients. At the same time we also warmly welcome any product suggestions or ideas you may have.

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