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Medicating your pet has never been that easy before!

Did you spend hours trying to convince your pets to swallow their medication, then have them vomit everything onto your favourite rug? Well, it may be heart wrenching to watch our sick pets suffer for their health but caring for them does not have to be a headache. Humans and animals share many common drugs for the same ailments. However, there is a huge difference in the dosage requirements for each species simply because of our varying weight and drug metabolism capacities. Unfortunately, there are many drugs used for treatment by veterinarians which are not available in animal dosage strengths.


Compounding affords the flexibility of customising animal dosage strength into various dosage forms including oral capsules, suspension, chewable treats (suitable flavour may also be added) or even transdermal creams that can be easily administered to your pet. Pharmacists and veterinarians can work together to improve and maximise the therapeutic success and compliance of these animals – pets, exotics, wildlife, zoo animals, large & small animals – and reduce the overall cost of animal care.

As a premier compounding pharmacy, some potential veterinary compounding solutions that we can offer, including:

  • Flavoured Medicine
    We can prepare medicine in easy-to-give flavoured dosage forms that animals happily devour, so make it easy, and even fun to dose an animal.
  • Dosage problem
    All animals are individual and unique just like their owners; they come in different sizes, shape and may be sensitive to ingredients like xylitol or lactose. Therefore, not all commercially available medicines are appropriate for every pet. In this instance, we can customise a flavoured liquid, chewable treat, or other dosage form with the amount of medication that is exactly appropriate for your pet’s size and condition. Besides, we can even customise a combination of multiple medications in a specific dose.
  • Commercially unavailable medicine
    From time to time, a manufacturer may discontinue a veterinary medication. When that medication has worked well for animals, in many situations we can compound the discontinued product and tailor the strength, dosage form and flavour to that pet’s specific needs.
  • Protective bandage (alternative to traditional bandage)
    We can prepare protective medical coating for wounds or stitches which are difficult to lick off.

Pets have always been an integral part of the family and therefore deserve the best medical care available.