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patients say

BHRT from Accent Wellness is really good to me and all my friends I recommended. All the hormones give me such good results, but of course we must be discipline to take it everyday without fail.

Mdm Long (57) Kuchai Lama

It has helped me tremendously, I am back to younger days before menopause. People compliment me saying I look young for my age. My skin is now smoother and hair shiny and bright. I feel like a born again woman. I am very grateful to my friend who recommended me to BHRT. I am also very grateful for the person who bring this products. All the hormones/product that i currently use are equally good and necessary for me as they all have given me equally good results. I am not able to say which is the best as they are all the best and I definitely will recommend the compounded medications from Accent Wellness to my family and friends.

Annonymous (61) KL

After entering menopause in my early 40s not long after that it came clear that my thyroid was not functioning as it should be. Many many years I went through a rollercoaster of trial and error trying to balance my erratic hormones. Then, through a dear friend, I am still very grateful for, I came in touch with Accent Wellness. Since than I found back the balance i needed to function optimally and more! Thank you dr. Neal Rouzier and the Accent Wellness team for your guidance for which i am forever grateful..

Ella Indonesia

BHRT has helped improved my quality of life especially my health condition, my stamina, my skin complexion also my physical look. I don't gain weight easily, so I can enjoy life and eat normally..I have been recommending BHRT from Accent Wellness to my friends & I want to share with them the good quality product that works for most of us. Especially for those who care for quality life. Most of them are happy and satisfied. Not only did I get good comments  for my physical appearance, but honestly,  I feel good myself all these years.. We all will grow old, but we don't want to be sick.

Astari Indonesia

Being on BHRT by Accent Wellness has helped me to regain clarity in thinking and my ability to do my best as a lecturer. I feel motivated & energetic & can cope with multi tasking as I used to do before. I feel happy and not weighed down by gloom & negative thoughts!

Mdm Choong PJ

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you to Accent Wellness! After years of struggling, I finally feel like myself again. I am losing weight, get my crazy hormones under control and gaining energy. My skin improved, feel sensuous alive, brain is working again and sleep improvement. I feel optimal - like in the forties, 60 year young woman! Thank you Accent Wellness for guiding me through this and reassuring me all the way. Life is certainly getting better with BHRT! Words cannot express my gratefulness to my doctor and Accent Wellness team. I regret to start the program late with Accent Wellness and encourage women with the same problem to start the program early!

Annonymous (60) Brunei

BHRT has definitely helped relieve the pain I was having in the pelvic region. I was prescribed two hormones from Accent Wellness by my obgyn - but I can't identify which ones have given me better results as I use them both together. I have actually recommended already to a few people the use of these compounded medications other than my family and will definitely be continuing my medications!

Mdm Subhashini (63) Pahang

BHRT has assisted me sexually & physically and I feel contented with its performance over the last 3 years. The products from Accent Wellness is good and effective and I would love to share this with friends who are open minded enough to trust its non cancer effect

Mdm Noor (63) Shah Alam

BHRT has helped me to have a better quality in life without any more painful knees which I had for many years that I now get to enjoy my sports. In fact it’s the thyroid and the testosterone that has given me the best effect so far. I would recommend Accent Wellness to my family and friends which a few of my close friends are already clients of yours too!

Datin Linda (63) Shah Alam

I was introduced to BHRT by Dr.Christina Tai 6 years ago. It has indeed improved my life. I do not feel tired easily even though my life is busy. Also I do not get upset or emotional easily that those days I used to have. I believe the hormones are working well on me as I can manage my emotions. My look is younger and movement is faster with comparison among my classmates or even younger friends. I have been sharing this to all my close friends and even my husband and his friends. I feel however the price is getting very expensive nowadays, if only the price can come to fair price and affordable to everyone..

Mdm Goh (59) Shah Alam

doctors say

Accent Wellness Compounding Pharmacy’s BHRT does wonders for my patients’ symptoms with tremendous visible improvements and has boosted my trust and faith as it’s undeniably the best certified product. Thank you Accent wellness and its team for bringing my patients and me to a new younger level with optimised results.

S. Kaur M.D., Subang

Doc! This medicine is not working for me” Imagine the horror of going through that sentence every day. I am grateful to my patients who shared their experiences with me. Humbly, they are the ones who introduced me to BHRT. Some medicines they are consuming fail to exert the desired effects. Worst, it made them feel horrible. That keeps me on my toes. To strive to understand, to continue to learn and study the ever-evolving field of this art of medicine. There is no one pill that fits all after all.

Accent Wellness provided me the platform to accommodate, customize and personalize the need for my patients. They are the only compounding pharmacy that shared the same philosophy with me. We prioritize on providing quality and purity products to our patients. Such confidence that my parents and myself are proud consumers of it. The ultimate satisfaction is when we experience positive changes with BHRT. I am now blessed with the abundance of opportunity to make my patients feel great and lively again. “Doc! I feel wonderful thanks to you!

CH Lim M.D., Mon’t Kiara, KL

My mission in life is to help my patients live and feel good, look better and lead a long life doing this. Current conventional treatment with synthetic hormones  has disappointed me so often with their side effects and not being able to address my patient's and my own problems. I knew I had to find a better way to help myself and my patients. These concerns had led me to become my own personal guinea pig in an experiment with BHRT to improve the quality of life that I once had in the realms of energy, vigor and vitality. I can see in myself and my patients that our quality of life and health decline as our hormone level decreases and by optimizing and restoring each hormone to their optimal levels we were all  able to enjoy the good health that we once had in my youth. I saw this pattern repeatedly in my patients and this reinforced my belief in BHRT. Realising the role of BHRT, I now had to find a compounding pharmacy that I can trust to deliver the quality of Bhrt that I want. My practice in BHRT had taken a big leap when I found Accent Wellness! I no longer needed  to settle for mass produced medication in  limited dosages and routes of adminstration. Every individual's needs are different and it was important to find a compounding pharmacy that can individualise formulation with stringent quality control. Fortunately I found this in AW who was able to match individual variance with BHRT and vitamins. I am impressed with their quality control and their quick response with any problems that I have encountered with my patients.

Working together with a good compounding pharmacy has given me immense confidence to prescribe BHRT wholeheartedly without having to worry whether the formulation is accurate and whether the BHRT will deliver what I wanted for my patients. This has really added value to my practice as now I am confident that I have a better alternative to offer my patients to restore their health and well being. It is so gratifying to see the patients coming back to tell me how wonderful they feel and how BHRT has made them feel better, look better and how they now can enjoy the vitality they once possessed. I am grateful that as a gynecologist I have the opportunity in my daily practice to educate patients on BHRT for healthy aging  as awareness is the first step of the healing process. I aim to devote my practice to improve the health and well being of every patient with lifestyle management and BHRT.
I personally feel there is no one hormone that has given me the best result because every individual patient has a different requirement. In most cases, a combination of hormones and vitamins as well as a changes in lifestyle is required to achieve optimum health. It is like a symphony when the best music occurs when all instruments of an orchestra are playing at the same time - different hormones have a synergistic effect on each other.

All in all, I am continually impressed by AW's professionalism and their strict quality of all their products as well as their mission to compound medications to create the optimal therapy for each individual patient. Their team of pharmacists are always willing to help whenever the need arises and they have been very obliging to compound any medication that  I need urgently. AW has met my needs in all the above aspects and I am confident in prescribing their compounded medicament. I am also appreciative that I can discuss any issues that has arisen from my patients' medication and their efforts to resolve this as best as they can. Thank you!

C. Tai M.D., SJMC, Subang

BHRT has elevated my practice in a way. I have always been a believer in seeing a person holistically and by Dr Neil and the guidance of Accent Wellness, I am able to assist my patients, especially women in coping with some of the female issues they may be having. If you're asking which product has given the best results - Progesterone, progesterone, progesterone! I myself am on it. It’s calming, it makes my skin better, it makes me not have my period pains anymore! Because of their quality, I am very confident in prescribing BHRT - All because of Dr Neil and Accent Wellness!

SL Phang M.D., Subang
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